среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

HW two articles - second

"I can't get along with my colleagues. They never talk to me or invite me to parties"

For start you can talk about professional themes. Ask questions, talk about news, some advices leave until later. If you go to lunch, you mustn't  wait an invitation, you can invite your collegues yourself. If you cook very well, good idea will be to bring  a homemade pie or pizza. If there is a kitchen at work it is nice place where you can drink a cup of tea with colleagues and talk about something, discuss some themes or ask advice, for example: "Where to go on vacation?" But remember - be polite and good work and people will notice it. 

HW two articles - first

"I have to work a lot and I can't find any time to study English or to do things I like"

I can understand this problem, a lot of people can't find any time for study when you spend a lot of time at work, but you can find some time in your routine . Try to appreciate your free time after or before a work and a weekend. Every day a lot of time we spend for routine things, for example: cleaning, road to a work or a home, playing with children. Use this time for study English or things you like. You can listen to podcast, music or audio for learning. There are courses for driver in the Internet. You can watch training video when you cook. And you can spend of learn English grammar in time of a weekend. Install in your phone or tablet some applications for learning words and grammar, and training some words every day 10-15 minutes. If you can find an hour or two for study language with a tutor it's very well. The main is it study regular.

понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.


The wire for my iPad is broken. I so dislike iPad need only original wire

English week


What do you need to know when I set out to travel?

1) There is Internet in my flat, the password for it is my phone number.
2) The cooker works on gas, if you want to kindle cooker you need to turn a handle and to push button "fire".
3) There is new tooth brush in the cupboard in the bath room. There is washing powder under the sink.
4)  The bedclothes are in the chest of drawers in the bedroom.
5) You must close the two doors, because my neighbour can get angry.


I doesn't write almost week.. Amazing. Time goes so fast!
Last weekend I was on music-festival in a forest. There was a very beautiful scenes. I hope my friends made some photos and I can add photo in this post. There was good beach, but swimming is cold. The travels is good for to stop and to think. I like watching on the fire and I like cooking sausages on the fire.

вторник, 16 августа 2016 г.

HW D(p32)

First part, translate in Russian:
1) Она тратит часы на то, чтобы сделать макияж.
2) Он ежедневно тратит часы на то, что проверяет почту.
3) Я трачу около часа в день тренируясь играть на пианино.
4) Они тратят много времени на работу.

Second part, translate in English:
1) She spends hours putting on her make up.
2) He spends hours checking his e-mail every day.
3) I spend about an hours play the piano.
4) They spend a lot of time worhing. 


In this friday I going to go to a musical festival "Tale". We'll live in tents and eat sausages. And I hope we'll have a possible for swimming. 


Have you ever crossed a desert?
Have you ever been on the moon?
Have you ever seen an unicorn?
Have you ever taken a photo on a skyscraper? 
Have you ever kissed a frog?

Have you ever hugged a bear?
Have you ever wached a long boring film?
Have you ever eaten an insect?
Have you ever slept on a grass without camping? 
Have you ever been a trip through time?


I have an idea - I want to open an anti-cafe in Chita, in city where I born


Yesterday I watched "The Infiltrator" and I watched it English with sub. I don't knew that film isn't on Russian language. If say about film, I went on this film, because there was 7.5 raiting in kinopoisk.ru. But film was not very nice. It's standard film about agent and mafia. I don't know what people found in it.

суббота, 13 августа 2016 г.


I think I met interesting person, but why I want to think I not inetresting for him... 

blogPost #9

I continue to read the short stories O.Henry.

The troubadour I think it's horror. There happend an awful mistake. Sam Galloway is troubadour. He goes from place to place and plays music and says stories. 
On a ranch he finds out about problems an old man. Owner fields forbids some sheeps  walking on his fields. He wants to help the old man and he killed owner fields, but before owner fields found out that the old man is brother women, who safe his life. And he wants to repay a favor. It's awful situation.
And in the end the old man just says him "Can you play some music now?"

Money Talks
It's very nice story. I like it. I like Mr. Rockwall. He worked many years, and now he has a lot of money. He feels happy. And it is nice. 
In this story he tells with his son. They tell about money, Mr. Rockwell says Money open an every door, but son disagree. The son says, that he loves one girl, but money doesn't talk to her. And he hasn't time to say about his love. 
Conversation stops. And the son goes to meet the girl, and they need to go to class. But their car can't move, because in the city the traffic jam. And young people have time to talk. And they find out they love each other.  The son does not think that it happend with help money and his father. 

blogPost #8

I start to read "Short stories" O.Henry.

The Gift of the Magi I read before. And I remember this book as sad. Although main characters and love each other, but their gift is the sacrifice. Maybe the book about big love, but I see the sacrifice and problem with money. 
In the end story (adaptive book) was write: 
"And now they are going to have happy Christams because they understand about special gifts". 
the story hasn't feel happy. Maybe I'm not romantic.  

And second story "The Art Game" about two friends, who want to earn some money. But one from them is thief. He lied to his friend, and stole a sculpture "Gold a horse" from millionaire's home. And the friends sold the millionaire his own the sculpture.

blogPost #7

About area my live: 


Start point is Simonovskiy Val, 15.

If you need to go to 'Sberbank' bank.
There's one opposite the building(start point).

If you need  to go to a post office.
There's one on the conner of 2-ya Dubrovskaya street and Belenovskiy pr-d.

If you need  to go to a chemist's.
There's one on the conner of Simonovsky val street and Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street.

If you need  to go to a restaurant.
There are some on this street, 
"Tanuki" restaurant japaneese cuisine - in this building or
"Chaihona №1"up this road - next to "Sed'moy continent" supermarket.

If you need  to go to a book shop.
There is no one this station. You should go other station.

If you need  to go to a shoe shop.
There is one near subway station. You need go at the end of this road, and turn left. 

пятница, 12 августа 2016 г.

log #8

Today I knew my university friend on business trip, and she will be there nine months. I don't know how she could! She has a husband. 

log #7

I was going to jump with a parachute, but tomorrow weather is bad.

среда, 10 августа 2016 г.

blogPost #6

in explanation elllo.org mixin #20:
What would you do if you had more free time?

If I had more free time I would like more travel. I would like walking on new streets, going to different museums. I would like being oftener out-of-city. While I get to new place I would like reading. I would like meeting new people and trying to practise my English)

log #6

I'm reading «Stoner» by Edward Williams. The book is read hard, not because hard language, because life of the character is difficult and sometimes awful. 

вторник, 9 августа 2016 г.

blogPost #5

Write about the areas you live / work / study in. What shops, restaurants and other facilities are there in each area?

I live in Moscow, near Proletarskaya subway station. There are no restaurants. There are no parks near, only near next station. But there is Krutitsy Metochion. It's very beautiful place, and it's very quiet and calm. I like reading books there. There are a lot of painters. I see them, and I want to paint too.
There is one other good place. "embankment" - I call this place. It's a straight road near and over a river. There I like watching there sunset.

What about other facilities.. There are many pharmacies and supermarkets in Moscow, on every step. You can see many 'Sberbank' banks, it's a very comfortable. But if you want to buy clothes or shoes better drive to a mall centre.

I work near the city centre, Burdenko street, Park Kultury station. There are near parks - "Gorky park" and park of art  "Museon". There are no good cheap cafes, but near there is a military academy, there is a nice canteen, and there you always surrounded by military men. There can feel safe.

Art park "Museon"

log #5

I passed so few the roads,
I made so many errors

понедельник, 8 августа 2016 г.

log #4

Today I tried to record my voice, my last blog post. I always don't know where need articles. What about "knowledge"? Need or not need? 

blogPost #4

In explanation Mixer #22

Am I good at saving money?

I have to say, I'm not good at saving money, but I think it don't need for me, today. I dislike to go shopping, I don't spend much money on clothes. I spend my money on sport, knowledge, travel and new experience. Sometimes I spend some money in cafes. It coming from I don't like cooking.