воскресенье, 19 февраля 2017 г.

How are you?
I hope your last holiday was great.
I went on holiday to Thailand. There is a lot of beautiful places and wonderful beaches and sea. I was there with my boyfriend and we lived in a big expensive hotel. It was like a paradise, but my holiday was a disaster! After tasting them food In a restaurant I was ill. I had a fever and I had pain in my stomach. More part of holiday I needed to lie in the hotel.
Now I feel better I'd like to met with you. Write me! I'm waiting for your letter.
Your friend, Lena. 
I went on holiday to Sochi. It was in new year holiday. My friends and I visited the Krasnaya Polyana. We rent to hotels rooms. We tasted different food in a restaurant, but wasn't very well. We was there four days sometimes it was cloudy and snowy and sometimes Sunny. All days we snowboarding after we understood where ski pass and rent special clothes. We slept at night because need wake up very early. We had a good time. After this holiday I understood I love mountains and think to visit ski resort at least one time in year.
We had only one problem with a rent special clothes, shops a rent was far from our hotels and we waste for this a lot of time. 

вторник, 7 февраля 2017 г.

About a picture

In the 19 century the picture Major’s Marriage Proposal was painted by Pavel Fedotov. He wanted to tell about Russian people live. In his pictures was applied sarcastic.
In front of there is a young girl, she was waiting her future husband and she was preparing for marriage. The author imagines a moment where she is running in other room, but it's only game. She isn't looking upset or feeling worried.
It was a normally married for money and a rank. Her mother is trying to stop the daughter, it 's all for her only a good deal.
In the right the picture there is Mayor. He is staying, he was going to future family and future money. There isn't love, and it was normally. He is smiling and he is rolling his mustache.
In the left picture there are maids. The picture wasn't full without them, because maids were part of a house of a nobleman.
The Author thought to paint a continuing this story, but didn't do it. 

суббота, 4 февраля 2017 г.


Today I'm going to buy new phone. I hope after this I'm able to write message in my blog. Now I prefer write in my notebook. 

вторник, 31 января 2017 г.


That awkward moment when you understand that you didn't learn English a month. 

четверг, 26 января 2017 г.


So.. One note in thirteen days.. I feel blue.
I want to restart my lessons with teacher, but I think I'll start from zero level ((

Now.. I'll go to find something for reading and listening. 

Oh! I read 12 books in English from June to December. It's graded readers and they not big, but it my result) 

log about work..

In last days, I spent of time in work,
I work a lot and I spent of time improve my skills.
And yesterday I was watching a video and I was thinking about a task... and before I slept I found a solution. 

пятница, 13 января 2017 г.

new Year

The second week of new year is ending.

In first days I visited my friend in StPetersburg. We together celebrated the new year. We listend music, cooked and ate food, played different game for example "Mafia" and "Imaginarium". We take on fireworks.
And in the end we could pass our train to Moscow. We went a train station not need for us. But we had 30 minutes and we ran.. and we went in time.

It's Marpha, a little cat my friend.  

четверг, 22 декабря 2016 г.

part of biography Tramp

Donald John Trump is American businessmen and politic.

He is new president the USA. Ha has built about fifteen buildings. He has played in several films and TV-serials. He has produced a reality show. He has written fifteen books.

Two photos:

The first is a usual photo from Instagram:
There are two people and a cat.
In the middle of the photo, a girl. Next to her a boy. They are smiling. They are happy seeing each other. They are from different countries. And there is a serious cat on the left.

The second photo "Vancouver riot kiss":

offtopic: It's post of love ensue.

There are a lot of people: Vancouver's fans, police and in the middle of the photo a couple. They are kissing. This is just photo, but I think it looks like a statement: "make love, not war"

P.S.: I like this picture:

понедельник, 19 декабря 2016 г.

Low Marks Again

    It's famous picture "Low Marks Again" by Fyodor Reshetnikov.
    There are four people: the left picture. Next to her a little brother our main person. 
In front of the picture, the boy is standing. He is a main person in the picture. His hair and things in a mess. He has gone home. (just) His eyes are looking down. He is feeling shy. We understand he gets a low mark, the call of the picture helps us.
    A dog is standing next to the boy and its paws on boy's chest. The dog is feeling happy and, of course, don't understand it's not a good time for games.
    Behind them, on the picture, the woman is sitting on a chair. Next to her a little brother our main person. The little brother is riding a bike and smiling. His smiling is a sarcastic smile.
    The mother is looking at the elder son, but she is not angry. She doesn't shout at him. We see her sad eyes just. She is upset.
    And the fourth people in the picture a sister boys. She is standing in the deep of the picture. She is looking at the boy too, but it's not a sad sight. She criticizes him. We can see a pioneer red scarf on the girl, it's cam mean her right way of life. She wants to be a good citizen.
    In finally, can to notice which color artist used. There are a lot red and blue colors. Blue can represent a sad and red represents a true way of life.