среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.


How to find something in shopping mall? - Ask.

Shopping list:
1) food for lizard
2) tickets for cinema
3) a lime and a mint
4) halloween hat
5) an incense
6) paints
7) a railway(toy)
8) a plant
9) some plates
10) headphones
11) tabletop game
12) coffee maker
13) sweater

вторник, 27 сентября 2016 г.


So.. what am I doing? and What am I going to do?

Now I'm sitting at work and write this post) 
In this month I'm going to start swimming, 
to read two big book: "Les Bienveillantes" by Jonathan Littell and "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand
to continue to improve my English, 
to visit some art exhibitions, to go to a theatre. 

понедельник, 26 сентября 2016 г.


Yesterday I was in the book club and the Festival of light, but I was disappointed:

1) the book, which was read by me, discuss not very interesting, there was very loud because in this time we weren't in big hall. And the end I didn't tell what I was going to tell.

2) And what about Festival of light. The weather was very nice, warm enough for autumn. And we went to the Vorobyovy hills.

In start was an advertising the Sberbank. After this was an advertising the Moscow State University - it was better that we saw in this evening. There was story about this university, told about sciences and people. I was charmed. I hope it motivate children.

And the end was cartoon film about a little wolf who must help island with help elements: water, wind, ground. It wasn't very interesting, and we went out on the half cartoon.

blogPost #27

Well, I'm here and I want to write about last three weeks. My mom flew to me from Chita. It was on September 6th. It was my birthday, but I didn't celebrate, normally. I got a lot of greetings and it was a good day. I spoke with some people with who didn't speak two or one year, it was surprise for me. 

While I was working I couldn't walk with my mom on the city, but she went her own. She saw art galleries, some churches, parks. And she watched a lot of films about love, families and other kind of melodrama at home. And It were russian films. I think it's very strange choice.

And the first weekend we went to St. Petersburg. I was there some times and my main purposes were congratulate my friend with her birthday and visit the lyceum where Alexandr Pushkin was learning. And I did it, plus I saw new place for me it was a palace in Pavlovsk city. I told about story with owner the palace. 

The guide was great teller in the lyceum. He was telling so interesting, and he was reading some poems about people who lived there, and about this place. I thought he was there always. I could believe that he saw events, he was telling so enthusiastic. 

Oh! And my hair a little red now.

It was there my first weekend from three. to be continued...

пятница, 23 сентября 2016 г.


So many things are happening with me, but I haven't a lot of time. Today when I was working, there was Festival of Light on Vorobyovy hills. I was seeing it at work. It was beautiful, and I want to see it close on sunday. 

четверг, 22 сентября 2016 г.



p.47 A:
We're having our summer sale
I'm working really hard
I like helping people find nice clothes
They are growing at the moment
We're closing the shop
We're not getting many customers
we're losing money
I'm looking for a job
The shop is staying open late
They are opening new stores

p.47 B:
They're having
I'm not working
She's doing
The economy is growing
My football team is doing
You're enjoying
Some friends are staying
My brother is studying

среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.



How to tell a story

Original version
The other morning I was having a shower and there was a knock at the door. I was expecting a package so I jumped out of the shower, dripping wet, and threw on my bathrobe. I rushed to the front door, which was locked, so I tried to find my keys, which was very difficult because I still had soap in my eyes from the shower. I finally found my keys and opened the door but it wasn't the postman at the door. It was my mother and she gave me a very strange look because not only was I still dripping wet and covered in soap, I was actually wearing my wife's bathrobe, which is pink and fluffy. When I'd jumped out of the shower my eyes had been so covered in soap that I must have grabbed hers instead of mine. Anyway, my mother walked in and in a voice that could freeze fire said "I hope you're not taking me out to lunch dressed like that."

Alternative version
Well, in the morning I'm having a shower and there is a knock at the door. I'm expecting a package so I jump out of the shower, dripping wet, and throw on my bathrobe. I rush to the front door, which is locked, so I try to find my keys, which is very difficult because I still have soap in my eyes from the shower. I finally find my keys and open this door but it isn't the postman at the door. It's my mother and she gives me a very strange  look because not only am I still dripping wet and cover in soap. I'm actually wearing my wife's bathrobe, which is pink and fluffy. When I jumped out of the shower my eyes were so covered in soap that I must have grabbed hers instead of mine. Anyway, in walks my mother and in a voice that can freeze fire say: "I hope you're not talking me out to lunch dressed like that"

понедельник, 19 сентября 2016 г.


During the week I think about what I'm going to do at the weekend. I have two options: to stay at home or to go out.
When I decide to stay at home: I think what to cook and after that I go to supermarket and buy everithing for my meal. For example, if I want to cook some condenced milk pancakes, I buy only:
vague language
some milk, eggs, sugar, flour and condenced milk
some milk, eggs and stuff...
and nothing more.
And after cooking I'm going to watch something or read a book.

If I choose go out, I decide what I want to see, it can be
vague language
museum, art gallery, oceanarium, walking, sightseeing, walk on river bank and a lot of other places
walkning, museum and all that sort of thing

I like buying some thingummies from interesting places, if this thing catches my eye.

But invariably in the end of the day, I drink a cup of tea, and feel
vague language
kind of happy

среда, 14 сентября 2016 г.


1) post office, shopping mall, book shop, chemistry, bank
2) october, november, september, august, july, june
3) Can I take a shower? Can I help you wash dishes? Can I take youe photoalbum? Can you ask me where a shampoo?
4) I didn't go in concert the last weekend. He didn't do housework. They wasn't dancer. She didn't live in stPetersburg.
5) I read this book on May. He bought a new car. She took my pencil.  I anderstood th last topic about past time.

blogPost#22: definition

1) It is verb, you do it, when you want be better in something. You learn something, practice a lot to this, and you see result.
 ( answer: improve )

2) It is verb, you do it, when you want to go out from work, or home, or school, and never return.
( answer: leave )

3) It is verb, you do it, when you lose keys, a mobile phone, or something else. Synonym is find. This verb consist 2 words. And first definit see.
( answer: look for )

4) It is price that became smaller.
( answer: reduced )

5) It can make people when woman is 55, man is 60, in Russia.
( answer: retire )

6) It's can say about events,  that happened in turn, one after one. Or about people who walk close each other  ( answer: followed by )

7) We use it for going up to second floor. It's without stairs and steps.
( answer: lift )

8) It's verb. When we want to take something on the shelf, which high
(  answer: reach )

9) It's something not normally, unusual, it can be sound, man, appearance. It stand out.
(  answer: strange )

10) It's verb. Synonym think. We use it when we make some conclusion.
(  answer: suppose )

P.S.: go in / go into


When we were in old city, it was called N. We alway got up quite early. It was quiet on the street. We heard this silence quite a long. It could take two hours. And after this we went for a walk, and sightseeing.