new words from the book

..If a number is really, really big, it can take a computer years to work out whether it is a prime number. (???)

Whe I was seven years old I hated snickers with laces.

My friend likes the beautiful stationery. She uses clips, notebooks, color markers, corrector for a pen and kind of things.

In the USA, if grandparents have senile dementia, them are moved in a home for the aged.

In our country a lot of windows have bars on the first floor.

Monte Cristo's camera had a little hatch.

How to say: You can misunderstand.


Sometimes I'd like get rid of a lot of my books, but I don't do it.
Tommy is 10 years old and he likes play detective. One day he wanted to find out why every morning he listening strange sounds under the window. He got up early then 6 a.m., had a breakfast, take an aple and after that went out in the garden and sat opposit the window behind the shrubs and he started to wait. Two hours laterwhen he was slipping, he listened to sounds again and strated to crawl closer to sounds. And suddenly he saw two little orange kittens and a big shaggy cat so he known about his little neighbours.


Although she had to go to university she stayed at home and read a book.

Although Mike can't to meet us because he failed an exam of  math and he needs to retake the exam but we can walking together.

There are a lot of people in a rose garden so he doesn't want to go to there.

I think it will the great concert so we must to buy tickets!

Sorry I'm late because my boss asked me rewrite the letter.

He would like to meet her because I'm feel lonely.

Although we have a time better go out earlier.

I have two cinema tickets, DiCaprio plays in the film, so do you want to go with me?

I'm afraid, but I'll brave.

new words from book

belonged to
cross adj.
has to work out
inverted commas
fetch a stick
stuck to
squatted down
refers to

descibe of people acts

She was going to her place in the class she accidentally dropped classmate's book, when she was picking up the book she hitted head it on desk and fell.


He made deep breath and expiration, comfortable sat on sofa and smiled.


About photos

Do you have a photo as a screen saver on computer or phone? What is it of?

Yes. I have a photo as a screen saver on my computer. Generally, it's photo nature. Last time it was photo of sea which my friend took in Turkey when he stayed in the balcony our hotel room.

Do you have a favorite photo of yourself as a child? Who took it?
Yes, I have. I'm very little on this photo, I don't know how many years me there. My mom took this photo. I was crowling to mom's camera. I was wearing a red blouse. And I had only two teeth as a bunny.