четверг, 20 октября 2016 г.

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About my favorite school teacher.

My favorite teacher was Nelly Emmanuilovna physics teacher. I taught in your class in my last year in school. It was in Moscow. I understood and interested physics only with her help.
She was a plump, not very tall, with a brown hair, without glasses. She was very patient, and she interested psychology. It felt. She made interesting lessons and spoke with her students after lessons. She saw a personality in each student, it's why I remember her.
It's a good teacher. I regret only I didn't study begin the first year.

вторник, 18 октября 2016 г.


Last time, I write some posts only in my note. I'm thinking to rewrite something in this blog, but don't know why don't do it. 
I had a lot of interesting moments and now I'm packing for a trip to Spain, make a visa, find what I want to see. 

среда, 12 октября 2016 г.


Hi Anna,

I would like to invite you. I read your post about your future travel, and with pleasure meet you. There are a lot of museums, parks, beautiful old streets. And I can advise you some cafes and restaurants. And I can show you not only Moscow and near cities.

I'm interested in reading, sport, programming, learning English, arts, travel. And I'm a curious person. I'm interested in a culture other countries. So, I like active relaxation. I like playing tennis, table tennis, skating and other. I  also  like other entertainment such as going to the cinema. I think enough about me, tell something about you. 

Best regards,

two people www.couchsurfing.com:


C and A in student book: 
c - 
1/ It's false, Children cannot learn science
2/ It's true. 70% of the world's population is bilingual
3/ no information
4/ It's true, they're more creative
5/ no information
6/ no information, I think it's true
7/ no information 

a - 
I think everything the writer says is true, but if children will not learn the basic language of the country, where they are live, them(?) will difficult learn.
I think it's great to be bilingual and to know two or more languages with childhood. 

понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.


I started two courses on "the coursera" : about philosophy and "AngularJS" framework.
The courses are in English and I think it'll good training with profit. 

суббота, 8 октября 2016 г.


I want to figure architecture styles out


English is simple for writing, the alphabet is more beautiful for calligraphy

среда, 5 октября 2016 г.


I prefer studying alone, without a group. Although studying in a group has some pluses. For example, studying in groups better for practice and when you are discussing topics you can find out interesting thoughts. But If I study in groups I study less, because I'm not activity person, and I don't speak a lot of, I afraid make a mistake. 


Phrasal verb
1) They afraid to market can fall down.
2) The train is been stopped. I think we need get off.
(?)3) If we get out here, we can see the Eiffel Tower.
(?)4) You need 'the lucky' shop, get up stairs, turn right and you see it.
5) He forgot the credit card, say him: "go back"
6) - So... What about meet near the main entrance?
    - I went in.
(?)7) She went into your bedroom, and she didn't go off  during two hours.

p.s.: "translate google" is not a helper with phrasal verbs(( 


About the future...
Five years it's many, and I prefer to plan nothing so a long time. But if to start to think about the future... I think I'll work web-developer, but with new skills, It's called "senior" developer or "full-stack" developer. Maybe I'll be work in another country, not in Russia. I hope I'll fluently and accurately speak English. Maybe I'll marry. I think I'll read books and do sport. I'll probably cook often and eat healthy food more. 


A notebook was given me on my birthday. And it like me, although I'm not a fan of cats and pink color. But there is a bookmark and a rubber band for shutting the notebook.


If you ask me where do I take an energy - I'll answer: It's chocolate. 

вторник, 4 октября 2016 г.


I found one the very interesting poem by A.S. Pushkin yesterday. It calls "The scene from Faust".
I try to translate one moment:
I'm bored, hell.
                            What doing, Faust?
It's your limit.
It oversteps nobody.
All rational creature is boring:
One is through laziness, other from deal;
Who hopes, who lost hope;
The one didn't have a time for pleasure
The one enjoyed very much.
And everybody is yawning and are living
And coffin is yawning, is waiting for
And yawn (you).


So... Today the Fourth of October.  I didn't write three days. ((
I have a lot of tasks at work. And I tired after work. After hours of work, after eight or nine p.m. I go home. I think about write something, but I haven't strength. Yesterday I read and listened to two the graded readers about a mouse - detective. (Although the mouse follows thieves more than find a criminal) It's easy to level book, but It's written nicely. I surprised how does the writer use little words and a little of grammar can write something! I need study it because my thoughts translate often hard.

суббота, 1 октября 2016 г.


It's a first "log" in October.

It was a good day was beautiful and warm. I had enough sleep. And after lunch, I went walk in the city center.

And I'm surprised I write this blog three month.